Successful projects have the right products in the right applications at the right price. While this seems logical, in practice it doesn’t always happen. With all of the influences a project can have, such as salespeople, general contractors, time frames, and budget constraints, it is easy for the wrong product to be selected, because it seemed the best choice at the time.

We understand that floor covering needs are as diverse as the customers we serve. That is why we tailor solutions to the specific project requirements of the industry segments we support, with emphasis on:

  • Corporate Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Library
  • Higher Education and Public Space
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

At Commercial Flooring Concepts we understand the importance of knowing what the right application is for all of the products we work with. We make it a point to know the materials we use inside and out to ensure a finished project doesn’t fail because the right products were not selected in the first place. When we perform a facility audit the first thing we do is listen to the requirements of our client and learn what the expectations are for the project. This allows us to make the right recommendations that stay within the budgetary requirements for the project. Our job is to make certain our clients know what the best products are for their needs at the inception of their projects, so the wrong choice won’t be made at bid time.