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The flooring products you select and how those products are installed can greatly impact building operations. Commercial Flooring Concepts offers thousands of flooring products to give our clients just what they are looking for. Our flooring experts will assist you in finding the flooring products for your project. We use the latest technologies and certified craftsman to ensure proper and safe installation. But beyond great products is our unique approach to total project management covering all phases from planning through execution.


Commercial Flooring Concepts offers premium carpet products from leading manufacturers. Carpet is an excellent acoustical and thermal solution and is now environmentally friendly. Green building is no longer a trend; it is a mainstay. Schools, healthcare facilities, businesses and public facilities recognize the benefits of building green, and governmental entities are now passing laws to mandate future green construction of public and private buildings.

Today people spend a large percentage of their time indoors, so it is important to to maintain the quality of indoor air, especially for new construction and renovation. Carpet manufacturers were the first in the flooring industry to study their products for indoor air quality effects in schools and commercial settings.


With a natural, warm and inviting look along with excellent durability and easy to clean qualities, wood flooring is great for accents in lobbies, entry ways and executive offices. Commercial Flooring Concepts carries a variety of wood flooring types from top manufacturers.


Resilient flooring is durable as well as comfortable underfoot, and it comes in a variety of styles and types. New looks are available today that make it a very aesthetically pleasing option as well. Choose from vinyl, rubber, cork, linoleum and laminates for the comfortable and durable solution you need for your commercial project.

Ceramic and Stone

For the most durable, easy to maintain option available, ceramic and stone floorings come in a variety of styles and types. Choose between the natural appearance of marbles and granites or the pristine, elegant appearance of porcelain.

Specialty Materials

Specialty flooring began as a small collection of industrial problem solvers focused on performance.

The category has evolved and now includes great looking products that go beyond mere functionality. They range from floors that improve the environmental aspect of a building to high-tech floors that contribute to employee productivity. The selection of products includes hard surface, solid surface and carpet.

Specialty flooring features can include:

  • Static Control
  • Antibacterial/Antimicrobial
  • ADA Compliant
  • Slip Resistance
  • Acoustic
  • Raised Access
  • Cushioned
  • Sports Flooring

Commercial Flooring Concepts knows the right specialty flooring selection includes information and experience. We understand where you must use these products, and where using them as an option adds value to the building interior.

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